Window tinting can reduce the heat entering your home
by up to 85% thus lowering the amount of air
conditioning needed to cool your home. Window tinting
is one of the easiest ways to lower your energy use
during the hot summer months. It also blocks 99% of
harmful UV rays from entering through the windows
which can cut down on fading of interior fabrics and

Installed cost for residential window tinting
is calculated by square feet of glass
and runs $6.00 per square foot
and up depending on type of tinting

The California Building Standards
Commission placed window film
(tint) into the building code for
the first time in the United States.
Cost-effective energy savings is the
main reason. This followed a major report
comparing application of window film to other energy
saving methods across the state using the same study
methods employed by the California Energy Commission.

The report by California based ComSol showed, among
other findings, that the vast majority of existing homes
would be able to achieve significant energy savings.

The initial investment can be recovered in a few short
years in your energy savings.

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